Friday, 16 December 2011

Plate eight

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Plate two

Plate one

The Paradise Plates

This sequence of images, produced during the last eight months, is my considered response to
Dante's 'Paradiso'. Unlike my etchings based on the 'Inferno' and 'Purgatorio', I have avoided textual references because I was unable to create meaningful contemporary and personal

equivalents. Dante warns us from the very outset that he will take us to a place where no other poet has ventured before.

While Dante's characterisation and cosmological descriptions are masterly, the sheer doctrinal sweep of the poem forced me to find my own way. The overall theme of this folio deals with our voyage beyond the mirror during which we encounter those awesome and sublime forces that have underpinned our brief existance. The disintegration of the ego and its projections are finally resolved by our reintegration with the universal. I refused the temptation of colour in order to give more diagrammatic force to this series which is an important and personal footnote to what has gone before.