Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sinclair's Press - A New Project

This year Sinclair's Press published two limited edition books, 'Et in Arcadia Ego' and ' Natural
Causes '; both were well received. '
Natural Causes', nine poems by Paul Archer illustrated with accompanying etchings by Geoff MacEwan, can be viewed on Paul's website ( ).
Next year, Sinclair's Press will release, in a limited edition of 25 copies, a selection of poems by the Dublin born poet Louis Ryan. The two previous postings will give you a taste of this venture. The poems and the etched illustrations will be presented in a bound volume and not in folio. For further information on Sinclair's Press go to

Geoff MacEwan - 'Paris Quatorzieme' ( etching )

Louis Ryan - ' Paris Quatorzieme '.

Prison, burial ground, observatory,
The living and the dead beneath the stars,
A leafy avenue, I walk home free,
No soul abroad except for late-night cars.

The upright coffin of a sentry box -
I climb each flight of stairs past dormant rooms,
And then the topmost view my door unlocks:
An open window, pale sepulchral domes.

Somewhere a watcher turns a telescope
On nebulae beyond the city's haze;
A prisoner climbs a spiral dream of hope

And then high walls dividing us from death -
Avenues full of traffic through the days
Yield up at night their vacant length and breadth.